Das Bild zeigt eine moderne Neubaufassade mit einem strahlenden Himmel im Hintergrund, der sich im Fenster spiegelt. Es kennzeichnet den Anspruch der innomark GmbH, in einer kreativen Denkfabrik erstklassige Konzepte für neue Namen und Strategien zum Wohle des Kunden zu erarbeiten. Der Kunde soll sich in den von der innomark GmbH erarbeiteten Lösungen uneingeschränkt wiederfinden.

Outside View

Established: 1996
Location: Wiesbaden
Legal form: GmbH
Staff: 6 employees + 35 order-related co-operation partners and freelancers
Market position: established among the national leading branding agencies

Our main features:

... in order that your new brand names and brand concepts suit the intended products, services or companies like a “tailored garment”, we offer our professional development work as a specialised agency exclusively in the fields of name creation, name consulting and positioning, brand language and communicative research and name tests.

Furthermore we carry a large IP-stock of customer-supplied stock brands and stock domains which are available for purchase as complete packages in the case of a short-term trademark requirement.

With IP-pilot we offer different tools and instruments for the administration, monitoring and cost-effective maintenance of trademark and domain rights to our customers.

Our team of „creative analysts“ does not only conduct scientifically well-founded analysis and research but also uses, in particular, its creativity to develop top-class brand names and brand concepts.

We are at your disposal as competent brand name experts equipped with extensive know-how and recognised cooperation partners, for example in the areas of trademark law, language research, new media, corporate design and communication design.

Having achieved sustained success with our capability for more than a dozen years with over a hundred well-known clients in several hundred national and international projects, we have made a name for ourselves by developing successful names for others - a high standard by which you can take the measurement!


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